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Installation, Repairs, and Service Technician Overtime Rights


Installation, service, and repair technicians work long hours providing services often with little sympathy from a homeowner regarding the wide time ranges given for arrival times for the installers.  Typically, companies providing services overbook these installation service and repair workers and the employee is faced with the difficult task of not completing an installation or other repair work for an angry homeowner or having to work overtime in order to complete the necessary work. If you are an installation, service or repair technician forced to work overtime without compensation for your employer in order to complete your work, contact the Raleigh overtime employment attorneys at Maginnis Howard to discuss your rights.

Employers seeking to keep labor costs down while increasing productivity frequently look for shortcuts such as attempting to classify their service technicians, installers and repair workers as independent contractors, or 1099s.  They also create unrealistic expectations for the time spent performing necessary work, angering homeowners/business owners and leaving technicians working deep into the evening in order to finish necessary tasks.

Technicians classified as 1099s, as salaried exempt employees, or as workers paid on a per job commission basis are often unaware that they may be entitled to overtime compensation for the extra time spent getting the job done. So long as the company is controlling your scheduling and how the work is to be performed, these individuals are typically non-exempt employees eligible for overtime compensation.

If you work for a company doing repairs, service-work, disconnections, or installations are not being compensated for your overtime work, contact the North Carolina wage and hour attorneys at Maginnis Law. Maginnis Howard is a Raleigh civil litigation firm with employment attorneys taking cases in Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Morrisville and throughout the Triangle area. The firm also handles certain wage and hour cases throughout North Carolina, particularly when groups of employees are involved.  Contact the firm at (919) 526-0450, or submit a request through our contact page.