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Business Litigation

We have been privileged to represent a wide variety of corporate and institutional clients that range from entrepreneurial start-up limited liability companies hiring their first attorney to multi-national and Fortune 500 companies. Our clients have come to us with a variety of civil and commercial law disputes with other companies, vendors, employees, sub-contractors, customers, government entities and other parties.

Unfortunately, business conflicts and legal fees can put a strain on operating your business. However, in some cases, they are necessary to protect the long-term future of a company. While not every litigation involves the same amount of money or the same litigation budget, the strategy for a business dispute requires the same level-headed practical analysis. Your company needs someone who can give you advice that combines practical business decision making with the ability and willingness to take cases to trial if a resolution in the best possible interest of our business client cannot be reached.

We have successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants, companies and individuals in business litigation lawsuits. Our firm has handled cases in the North Carolina Business Court, the North Carolina state court reserved for complex business disputes.

We provide business litigation services related to:

If you have a commercial dispute that requires a business lawyer, Maginnis Howard may be able to help you or your company. The firm also represents a number of clients in a “general counsel” capacity; that is, instead of hiring an in-house lawyer for your business, Maginnis Howard can provide legal representation for all of your company’s needs at a monthly rate.