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Business Litigation

Contract Disputes

Every company’s business depends on contracts and resolving disputes that might depend on a specific contractual term. When contracts are misread or misinterpreted, businesses often make uninformed and incorrect decisions that are dangerous to the livelihood of their business. In many cases, filing a lawsuit will compel the other party to come to the table and settle the matter. Other times, the client needs a contract reviewed to identify potential liability exposure or whether a claim exists. Our firm’s business litigation attorneys regularly represent businesses and individuals in breach of contract cases.

Unfortunately, commercial business contracts are often drafted via “cutting and pasting” from contractual terms found on the Internet. When this happens, figuring out each party’s contractual obligations and responsibilities can be a real mess. Our experienced business litigators can assist with interpreting the terms of a contract if commercial litigation is possible.

There are also often issues where one party no longer wants to perform under the contract or has failed to do so adequately. We can assist with those determinations on what to do next. We have also litigated many cases where a competitor is interfering with your contract with another company/partner.

Our business litigation lawyers have taken many cases to trial in representing both plaintiff and defendant companies. We have settled many other cases. Each case requires its own analysis, and we work with our clients to ensure their best outcome. If you have a business dispute (or want to avoid one), contact the firm for a free initial consultation on what to do next. We offer telephone and in-person consultations for all potential breach of contract cases from Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas. We accept breach of contract cases under a few fee structures, such as hourly, flat fee, and contingency.