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Class Action Lawsuits

Maginnis Howard’s attorneys represent individuals against some of the largest companies in the country who violate federal and state laws. Our firm has obtained millions of dollars for our clients against corporate landlords, collection agencies, banks, and mortgage servicing companies. If you have identified a problem that you believe is impacting a large group of people, please get in touch with our firm for a free, confidential consultation.

If you are not sure if a class action suit is the correct legal path for you, see these frequently asked questions:

One or more individuals bring a class action lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, or “class,” of individuals with similar claims. The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to combine numerous claims of individuals into a single case to provide a legal remedy for the entire class of people. A considerable advantage of class action lawsuits is that it allows large groups of people with smaller cases the ability to join in fighting against illegal conduct that may be impossible on an individual basis.

  • Borrowers targeted by predatory lending practices or assessed unlawful interest rates.
  • Businesses that are price-fixing agreements or other anti-competitive conduct by large corporations have been harmed.
  • Consumers who have been the victim of unfair debt collection attempts, unlawful credit reporting, fraud, unfair business practices, or false advertising.
  • Employees who have not been paid earned bonuses, time off, overtime, or minimum wages.
  • Investors who have been victimized by unlawful conduct by large corporations, partnerships, or other entities when purchasing securities or other investments.
  • Tenants of corporate apartment complexes must pay illegal fees or expenses or have been forced to live in substandard housing.

Check out our case results page to learn more about who we have represented in the past.

Your attorney will file an official “class action complaint” stating the events that caused injury or financial harm to the client and what the lawsuit seeks to recover. If you are the initial filer, you will be the “lead plaintiff” for all other individuals who may have dealt with a similar issue. A judge will decide whether a case can proceed on a class action basis and will ultimately approve a final settlement or preside over a class-wide trial.

In most instances, the clients are not responsible for the costs of litigating the case or for attorneys’ fees. Our firm seeks to recover our attorney fees from the defendant who acted improperly. We will also always provide a fee agreement explaining our costs.

Class members (i.e., those affected by a company's improper actions) are the primary focus of a lawsuit payout. Generally, settlements establish a common fund to pay class members. Lawyers for the class will typically be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in prosecuting the claim. They will often seek to recover a portion from the common fund that is approved to be reasonable by the judge.

The payout for class members differs wildly in each case. Maginnis Howard has handled many class actions, and members received anywhere from less than $100 to several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Our firm cannot promise an exact amount if you decide to file. We can only promise that we will work to recover the maximum amount we can for the class. Lead plaintiffs are also eligible for an additional service award for their willingness to be a lead plaintiff and make themselves available to assist with the case. These awards can also vary but are generally between $1,000 - $10,000.

An experienced class action attorney (or team of attorneys) ensures your best interests are represented. Having someone litigate on your behalf can mean minimal interruption to your life.