New Clients Email:

New Clients Email

Attorney Referrals & Partnerships

We are proud that a large part of our work comes from other attorneys around the Carolinas and across the country, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you to help your client. Over the years, we have handled and tried countless brain injuries, wrongful death, malpractice, product liability, and other complex cases with lawyers just like you, both here in the Carolinas and in other states. Call us, and we’ll be glad to talk about your case to see if we can help.

The Client’s Needs Come First

Sometimes, we get contacted by an out-of-state attorney who needs local counsel in North or South Carolina. Others call because they may not have the experience or resources to take on complex litigation independently. We work with other law firms in various referral and co-counsel arrangements and enjoy working with and learning from our co-counsel while we fight for justice.

Referral and Co-Counsel Fees – Yes, We Do

We have paid millions of dollars in referral and co-counsel fees over the years. The structure of these relationships must always be tailored to the case’s unique circumstances and what is in the client’s best interests. In addition, our State Bar ethics rules require that referral and co-counsel fee-sharing agreements meet specific requirements, including that both firms remain responsible to the client, that fees be based on the work performed, and that the client approves fee-sharing agreements.

Our Doors Are Open

All great things take work. At Maginnis Howard, we know that having the right legal team can make or break a case. That’s why we are proud to partner with other highly dedicated attorneys. We are honored to work alongside fellow attorneys as co-counsel, and our doors are open to those seeking a partnership through attorney referrals. Partnering firms can combine resources and time to effectively represent your client and achieve a more successful outcome with maximum compensation for your client.

An Experienced Team You Can Trust

Our successful track record reflects our experience. But our empathy, sincere concern, and respect for our clients and colleagues are what continue to bring attorney referrals to our firm. We are pleased to partner with you. If you are interested in partnering with Maginnis Howard or referring a case to our firm, we will gladly set up a time to meet and discuss your case.