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Construction Litigation

Our construction litigation attorneys represent homeowners, associations, developers, general contractors, and sub-contractors throughout the construction industry. We have represented businesses that are involved in HVAC/heating and air, architects, engineers, plumbing, painting, staffing companies who furnish labor, material suppliers, concrete, granite, and marble installers, electricians, home automation companies, distributors, and roofing companies in disputes with various entities.

North Carolina law allows general contractors and sub-contractors, including second-tier and third-tier subcontractors, to protect themselves in construction litigation disputes with property owners, residential developers, and commercial development companies. North Carolina’s lien statutes allow construction workers to protect themselves from not being paid promptly or at all.

Additionally, properly perfected lien claims allow the prevailing party to recover their attorney fees. This allows construction companies to feel comfortable using funds to retain an attorney; they know that they can recover funds owed to them if they are in the right. North Carolina also has a complicated, workable structure for subcontractors to assure themselves of payment in publicly supported, surety-bonded government projects. Similarly, homeowners and developers require experienced representation to preclude contractors from wrongly asserting their lien rights.

Maginnis Howard also represents parties in various other construction civil litigation disputes, including:

The firm also handles numerous non-construction matters appropriate for the general contractor or small sub-contractor LLC, including breach of contract litigation, corporate formation and business law, insurance coverage, employment law, disputes under the Wage and Hour Act, and most other civil matters.

If you are a developer, general contractor, sub-contractor, or home/building owner with a construction litigation matter in Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas, our construction lawyers may be able to help. We offer free consultations for contractors and sub-contractors who need to discuss issues.