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FDA Issues Warning Letter to Jimmy John’s

stacked sub sandwiches on top of a fast food counter

Most of us enjoy the convenience of fast food, and rely on chains for an easy meal. There are certain standards consumers expect from the well-known restaurants. But there are times where the convenience of fast food doesn’t meet FDA standards, and diners pay the price.

One of the most famous fast food sandwich shops, Jimmy John’s, received a warning from the FDA. The letter accused the chain of consistently receiving and selling “adulterated fresh produce, specifically clover sprouts and cucumbers”. The vegetables likely caused seven outbreaks of E. coli or salmonella in the past seven years.

According to the FDA, Jimmy John’s saw multiple outbreaks over the past seven years, impacting customers in at least 17 states. Jimmy John’s has stated that they are removing all sprouts from their restaurants until further notice. The FDA also sent a warning letter to the supplier of Jimmy John’s produce.

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