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Pelvic Fractures Resulting from North Carolina Automobile Collisions


While pelvic fractures are not an overly common result of car accidents and tractor trailer wrecks, they certainly can happen as a result of high impact collisions. Pelvic fractures themselves make up only about 3% of all adult fractures. Though they are not common, they can be very serious. They almost always result from a high energy incident such as a car crash, fall, or serious blow to the body. The law firm of Maginnis Law is experienced in representing folks with pelvic fractures and can assist you if have suffered a pelvic fracture as a result of another person’s negligence. To inquire about your potential case visit our contact page or call (919) 526-0450.

The Pelvis

The pelvis is a sort of ring of bones that sits at the end of the spine. It includes the sacrum, coccyx (tailbone), and the hip bones. The hip bone is itself made up of three bones, the ilium, ischium and pubis. These three bones meet to form the acetabulum. This is the socket for the ball-and-socket hip joint. The pelvis is critical because it protects important blood vessels and nerves, as well as portions of the bowel, bladder and reproduction organs. Fractures of the pelvis may be described as stable or unstable. As you might imagine, the unstable fractures are more dangerous. An unstable fracture usually includes displacement of the pelvic bones, meaning that they no longer line up properly. With a stable fracture, the bones are fractured but are still lined up in many cases.

Symptoms and Treatment for Pelvic Fracture

The symptoms of a pelvic fracture are frequently immediate and drastic. Pelvis fracture almost always hurt . . . a lot. The pain is typically made worse by walking. Swelling or bruising may accompany the pain.

Treatment for pelvic fractures varies widely, depending upon the nature of the fracture itself. Particularly with unstable fractures, there can be a host of problems that require the intervention of many different types of doctors. This is even truer when, in addition to the pelvic fracture, there are other types of injuries. This is very common in car wreck and tractor trailer accidents, given that a crash which causes a pelvic fracture is likely to break other bones as well. Ultimately, surgery may or may not be required, depending upon the exact details of the fracture. X-Rays, CT Scans and MRIs can help the doctor determine whether surgery is necessary. If surgery is not necessary, you will still likely need medications for your pain, walking aids to keep you from placing too much weight on the fractured bones, and possibly physical therapy. There are multiple different types of surgeries that may be called for, including ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation), skeletal traction, and external fixation.

Compensation for Broken Pelvis

Once you establish that the automobile crash was the other driver’s fault, your case will likely be mostly about damages; that is – what amount of compensation is necessary to make you whole for your financial losses and physical harms? In a case involving pelvic fractures, you will almost certainly have recoverable medical expenses. You will also certainly be entitled to compensation for physical pain and mental suffering. Depending upon your employment situation, you may also be entitled to lost wages – both in the past and potentially in the future. Additionally, you may be entitled to separate compensation for permanent injury and, if you needed surgery, permanent scarring. Finally, if your injuries were proximately caused by willful and wanton negligence, such as a drunk driver or in the case of an intentional assault, you will also be allowed to ask the jury for punitive damages. These are damages designed merely to punish the defendant.

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Pelvic Fracture Case

The Raleigh law firm of Maginnis Law regularly helps folks who have suffered significant, life changing injuries as the result of other people’s negligence, including those injured in car accidents and 18 wheeler wrecks. Pelvic fractures can sometimes be life changing, particularly if the fracture required extensive surgery. Even if you make a quick recovery, we will likely still be able to help make sure the insurance companies treat you fairly. We offer free consultations to any North Carolinian who has suffered a pelvic fracture as a result of someone else’s negligence. Because a broken pelvic often leaves you unable to walk, we will travel to meet you if needed. Ultimately, if you ask us to help on your case, we will do so on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not owe attorneys’ fees until we recover a settlement or verdict for you. We also advance all costs of litigation in pelvic fracture cases, meaning that you do not need to pay for expert witness fees and the like.

Call our office or visit our contact page to discuss the details of your potential case. Our firm assists with pelvis fracture cases throughout North Carolina, including in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.