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Medical treatment for a burn is frequently more painful than the initial burn itself. We understand that your recovery from severe burns is among the most mentally and physically exhaustive, painful processes any human will ever experience. If you have suffered this immense pain as a result of another person’s negligence, you can and should hold that person legally responsible.

Because of the rare circumstances that often lead to explosions and fires, and other events that cause burn injuries, your burn injury case must be investigated quickly.

Burns can be classified as 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, or 4th degree. The classifications generally depend upon the depth of the burn.

1st degree burns involve only superficial damage to the skin and often no blistering. Although painful, most folks recover well from 1st degree burns.

2nd degree burns can be classified as either “superficial partial thickness” burns or “deep partial thickness” burns. Although the deep partial thickness burns are more damaging, they are often less painful. “Superficial partial thickness” burns are among the most painful initial burns. Treatment of 2nd degree burns typically takes between two weeks and two months. Scarring and disfigurement is possible with “deep partial thickness” burns.

3rd degree burns are so-called “full thickness” burns because they go all the way through the “dermis.” 3rd degree burns require months of treatment. There will almost always be significant scarring and disfigurement.

4th degree burns are the most damaging type of burn. They involve burning through the skin and into the underlying fat, tissue, and bone. Amputation is sometimes necessary and, in the worst cases, 4th degree burns can lead to death.

If you choose to pursue a claim against a negligent party or his or her insurer after a serious burn injury, there are certain “damages” you may recover. These include compensation for your (1) medical bills, (2) lost wages, (3) physical and mental pain and suffering, (4) permanent injury, and (5) scarring and disfigurement. In many injury cases, the most significant damages are those losses with a set dollar figure, such as medical bills and lost wages. However, in burn injury cases, the pain and disfigurement can be so debilitating that the medical bills are dwarfed by the last three types of damages.

Burn injury cases need to be investigated quickly. We provide free consultations to all burn injury victims. Since these injuries can be completely debilitating, we will travel to meet with you. If we can assist you with your case, we will offer a contingency fee arrangement. This means that you will not owe any attorneys’ fees unless and until we make a financial recovery on your behalf. We will advance all costs of handling your claim, including the costs of hiring the multiple expert witnesses that are frequently needed in burn injury cases. To schedule a free consultation, go to our contact page.