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Child Support

When children are shared, the aftermath of a separation becomes more complicated. Child support disputes are among the most common issues in family law cases for the parents going through divorce or even if they were never married. Because determinants of child support can become highly contentious, an effective advocate is especially important.

There are different ways in which to establish child support such as private agreement, separation agreement, or by court. Child support payments are usually based upon North Carolina Child Support Guidelines although there are certain exceptions based on income and special circumstances. After child support is ordered, either parent can request a change under certain conditions. Therefore, an attorney that is knowledgeable in this area is essential in getting fair representation throughout these difficult proceedings.

Our family law attorneys are familiar with the complex issues of North Carolina child support laws. If we are unable to reach an acceptable agreement outside of court, we will vigorously protect your rights in court. For child support or other family law issues, contact Wake County Family Lawyer Karl S. Gwaltney directly at 919.960.1545 or submit a new case inquiry here.