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Midland Credit Management

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What is Midland Credit Management (MCM)?

Midland Credit Management (MCM) is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, an international finance company that buys and collects debts. Midland was founded in 1953 in Kansas and has its current headquarters. After 70 years in business, the company has earned a reputation as a shady, deceptive collector with several lawsuits to back up those claims.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) lists 400 complaints against Midland Credit Management over the past year. These complaints include attempting to collect debt not owed, threats of legal action, inaccurate reporting, improper use of reports, and more. MCM’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile lists 352 consumer complaints, 139 closed in the last year.

What are consumers saying about Midland Credit Management?

Consumers online allege Midland Credit Management harasses debtors and employs illegal tactics to collect debts. Others have complained about the company’s calling debtors at all hours of the day or sending letters that are difficult to understand.

As a result of this behavior, Midland has faced many lawsuits in the last decade, including a 2016 suit we wrote about involving violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). More recently, a Florida resident sued the debt collector for misleading debtors in their collection attempts, violating the consumer’s ‘bill of rights.’ Further, the CFPB sued Encore Capital Group, Inc.; its subsidiaries, Midland Funding, LLC; Midland Credit Management, Inc.; and Asset Acceptance Capital Corp for violating a consent order from a 2015 judgment.

These cases are just a few examples of how consumers fight against MCM’s unlawful and unethical conduct.

What are my rights against debt collectors?

It’s essential to know your rights when dealing with collectors. You deserve respect and peace even if you owe a debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) governs debt collection in the United States and prohibits collectors from using certain practices for collections.

Among many other things, the FDCPA prohibits a collector from:

  • Using profane language or physical threats
  • Making calls without properly identifying themselves as a collector
  • Harassing a person by repeatedly calling a number
  • Publishing consumer information who refuses payment (other than to consumer reporting agencies)
  • Falsely representing the consequences of nonpayment
  • Threatening legal action that is not intended or allowed
  • Implying the consumer committed a crime
  • Deceptively attempting to collect a debt

For a full list of prohibited actions under the FDCPA, check the CFPB website.

How do I know Midland is contacting me?

Midland’s customer service line is (877) 420-0039. Consumers also reported being contacted from the following numbers:

  • 216-687-1199
  • 316-663-1236
  • 320-260-8568
  • 585-309-6970
  • 602-707-0211
  • 704-837-0421
  • 800-265-8825
  • 800-265-8827
  • 800-306-4443
  • 800-825-8131
  • 858-309-6013
  • 858-309-6957

Representation Against Midland Credit Management Harassment

Our experienced consumer protection attorneys have helped thousands recover from harassment and unfair collection practices. Contact our office for a free consultation if you believe Midland has violated your rights. Call us at (919) 526-0450 or message us through our contact page. While we cannot take every case, we do our best to direct consumers to the appropriate resources.