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North Carolina Attorney for Garbage Truck Crash Injury Claims


There is no doubt that collisions involving pedestrian vehicles can cause serious injuries or death, but there is also no doubt that collisions involving heavier vehicles such as municipal or county garbage trucks, recycling vehicles, and other waste disposal trucks have a higher likelihood of causing permanent injury or death. For this reason, the drivers of those waste management vehicles have a heightened responsibility and duty of care to operate their vehicles in a safe, non-negligent manner. When those garbage truck drivers do not take that responsibility seriously, and their negligence causes serious bodily harms, the North Carolina lawyers of Maginnis Law can help. Our Raleigh litigation team is experienced in serious and catastrophic injury lawsuits and will do what is necessary to obtain the best outcome for you, including pursuing your garbage truck crash injury case through trial if necessary. To speak with us now, please visit our contact page.

Proving Garbage or Recycling Truck Driver Negligence

In many ways, waste management truck drivers can be negligent just like any other driver. Many crashes involving these refuse vehicles simply relate to a failure to properly observe the roadway and pay attention. For example, many collisions involving trash or recycling vehicles are simply rear-end wrecks where the truck driver has failed to stop for a red light or stop sign. Given the size of these vehicles, these garbage truck drivers particularly have difficulty seeing children and other pedestrians, including bicyclists and motorcyclists.

Other types of collisions are more unique to the size and scope of these waste management trucks. For example, collisions can be caused by a failure to properly restrain a load or failure watch their blind spots. Falling debris from garbage trucks can easily lead to collisions. Similarly, failure to maintain a waste management vehicle can lead to a collision. Notably, there are two very frequent types of waste management vehicles. There are collection vehicles which pick up trash from residences and also hauler vehicles taking larger loads to landfills and incinerators.

Recoverable Compensation for Garbage Truck Driver Negligence

Once you have established that a garbage or recycling truck driver negligently caused your injuries or the injuries or death of a family member, there are certain types of compensation that can be sought. If the case tragically involves wrongful death, our wrongful death page can explain the type of compensation that is recoverable in those cases. If, on the other hand, your garbage or recycling truck case involves bodily injury, the types of compensation you can recover include monetary damages for: (1) past and future medical expenses, (2) lost wages and future diminished earning capacity, (3) past and future physical pain and mental suffering, (4) permanent injury, (5) past and future loss of use of part of the body, and (6) permanent scarring. These are, of course, dependent upon a proper showing that the damage has actually been caused by the crash with the garbage truck or recycling truck.

Contacting Maginnis Law to Discuss your Negligence Claim

Maginnis Law and its attorneys have extensive experience litigating high stakes personal injury litigation, including truck accident claims. We provide free consultations to victims and the family of victims of collisions involving garbage trucks, recycling trucks, and other waste management vehicles. If your injuries have left you unable to travel, we will come to meet you to discuss your case. If yours is a case we can handle, we will offer a contingency fee arrangement, meaning that you will not owe any attorneys’ fees unless we recover a monetary settlement or verdict on your behalf.

The firm’s lead personal injury attorney, Shawn Howard, can be reached on his direct line at 919.480.8526. You can also visit our contact page to send us the details of your case. Maginnis Law handles garbage truck claims throughout North Carolina, including in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.