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Burns caused by manufacturing plant explosions and other fires are among the most painful injures a person can suffer. The burn treatment and recovery process is often as physically painful and emotionally draining as the initial burn itself. Recovery involves hours and hours of treatment and therapy. Of course, explosions can also cause a variety of other catastrophic injuries, including death. If you or a loved one has sustained burn or other injuries in an industrial explosion or fire, apartment fire, or other explosion or fire of any kind, and believe that fire or explosion was the result of someone else’s negligence, you should immediately seek legal counsel. Investigation of explosions or fires must be undertaken as close in time of the event as possible.

Explosions frequently occur in the industrial or construction setting. They can be the result of product defects, engineering mistakes, chemical mishaps, and other human error. Explosions may also occur after a bad motor vehicle collision when fuel is released. Typically, reconstruction engineers and investigators are necessary to determine the underlying cause of the explosion. If the explosion was indeed caused by someone else’s negligence, North Carolina law allows for recovery of money damages. Those damages include past and future medical expenses related to your burns, past and future lost wages, past and future pain and suffering, and compensation for disability and disfigurement.

Other incidents that are commonly the result of a third-party’s negligence include apartment, condominium, and workplace fires. These can be caused by faulty electrical wiring, unsafe propane tanks, or simply someone leaving an open fire. Serious injuries can also be caused when the smoke detectors in a rental home or apartment do not function properly. The damages recoverable in a fire injury case are the same as those recoverable in an explosion case. Like explosions, fires require immediate investigation into the underlying causes.

Maginnis Law is available to assist North Carolinians injured in explosions and fires. We understand the tremendous financial and emotional toll burn and other catastrophic injuries can cause. We offer a contingency fee structure so that you pay no attorneys’ fees unless and until we make a recovery on your behalf. We also provide free case evaluations and consultations and will travel throughout North Carolina to meet with you. To speak with a Maginnis Howard attorney regarding your case, please use our contact page.