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Calls Asking for Another Person

Collection agencies, debt collectors, and telemarketers often run credit checks on potential targets that do not always have accurate contact information. Even if it’s an old number their target no longer uses, these companies will repeatedly call that number “just in case.” Those calls asking for another person may never stop without obtaining assistance from a consumer protection attorney. Every time the person who used to have your number gets their credit pulled, you are harassed.

Harassment from aggressive bill collectors, creditors, or telemarketers engaging in sales calls and solicitations is frustrating. That frustration level only increases when the caller is asking for another person. We have represented clients who have repeatedly asked the caller to stop or place them on their company do-not-contact list, and nothing changes. We have recovered substantial settlements for our clients. Most importantly, we got the calls to stop. Forever.

We recently represented a North Carolina resident receiving calls asking for another person for an unpaid credit card bill. At first, the calls were infrequent, but she eventually received 5-10  per day. We obtained a $100,000.00 settlement for our client from the credit card company for contacting her without her consent.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and North Carolina’s state laws have some protections to help people who are being targeted for an old phone number by a new customer. If you are experiencing these calls asking for another person, we may be able to help. Keep track of your phone records and log when they contact you, as many of these statutes assess damages on a “per violation” basis. This means each time the business contacts you, you count a violation.

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