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Class Action Lawsuits

Consumer Class Actions

Large corporations cut corners wherever they can and its generally consumers that pay the price. Oftentimes, the unlawful conduct results in small damages to individual consumers. For example, mortgage servicers may charge a small amount of money to consumers to make mortgage payments over the phone that they are prohibited. It is hard for individuals to file a lawsuit over these illegal fees on an individual basis.

These small damages, when done to thousands of consumers, can end up costing millions of dollars in the aggregate. In these situations, it may be best to explore filing a class action lawsuit. Class actions can be used by individuals to enforce the law and obtain compensation against corporations on behalf of numerous victims.

Some of the more common types of violations include:

This is not a complete list so please do not hesitate to contact our firm for a no-cost consultation if you believe you may have a consumer claim.

North Carolina has a variety of beneficial consumer protection laws that our attorneys can use to obtain compensation for a company’s illegal conduct.