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Maginnis Howard Investigates Planet Fitness Billing Practices

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This is a blog post for informational and advertising purposes. Maginnis Howard is a civil litigation law firm investigating potential violations of consumer rights and is not affiliated with the following company.

Plant Fitness prides itself on being a cheap and accessible gym with over 15 million members worldwide. Consumers can easily sign up for any of the thousands of locations online. The gym giant has an easy to navigate site where you can quickly submit personal information and select a plan. However, members across the country are reporting cancelling a Plant Fitness subscription is frustrating and overly complicated.

How do I cancel a Plant Fitness membership?

Members seeking to cancel cannot do so online or even over the phone. The company requires you to send a hand-written letter or make an in person visit to stop the recurring withdrawals. Some Better Business Bureau reports stated that even after sending a letter through the US Mail System, consumers still had to call several times before their letter was marked received.

Is Plant Fitness breaking the law?

North Carolina law has provisions about renewing subscriptions in the General Statue (see our previous blog post on the topic). Planet Fitness is abiding by the law to an extent, but benefits from its ambiguity. The cancellation process is outlined, but who is to say that is a “clear and conspicuous” directive to consumers?

A November 2021 statement from the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) emphasized a subscription must be “as easy to cancel as it is to sign up.” Clearly, the process for cancellation of a gym membership with Planet Fitness is not as simple as it is to sign up.

What can I do if I believe a business is breaking consumer law?

The FTC has a dedicated system for reporting consumer law violations. There, you will also find more information about your rights. If you are seeking damages on a personal level, or believe more people are having the same issues you should contact an experienced consumer protection attorney.

The Planet Fitness member contract does lay out the terms of cancellation. But does that mean the terms are clear and conspicuous? Vague phrases in consumer protection law often give businesses a pass for otherwise shady behavior. For that reason, Maginnis Howard attorneys are actively investigating the business practices of major companies to uphold consumer rights.

Issues Cancelling Planet Fitness Memberships?

Have you had issues cancelling a Planet Fitness membership? Contact our consumer protection attorneys with your story. Maginnis Howard offers free consultations for consumer claims to North Carolina residents. For more information, contact our office at (919)-526-0450 or submit a message through our contact page. Our office may ask you for documents to appropriately assess your case.