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Liable Parties in Pharmaceutical Negligence


Today, we’re diving deeper into the topic of Pharmaceutical Negligence. We’ll discuss the specifics of who is liable when someone takes the wrong drug.

Injuries caused by medication errors are not only painful, but also expensive to treat. Fortunately, injured parties who can prove negligence can collect compensation for their losses. Liable parties could include:

  • A pharmacist who incorrectly filled a prescription.
  • Pharmacist who gives incorrect medical advise when distributing medication.
  • A pharmacist who incorrectly labels prescription medication.
  • Physicians who negligently prescribed a medication to a patient without knowing the patients medical history.
  • A pharmacist who fails to warn the patient of adverse side effects.
  • Drug manufacturers, if the error was the result of a failure to test a product or to warn doctors of potential side effects.

Most pharmaceutical errors involve a lack pharmaceutical supervision or in some cases, even lack of training. Mistakes happen, but negligence shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Injuries from pharmaceutical negligence are often very expensive to treat, and can lead to numerous medical bills for the patient. For that reason, it’s important for the injured party to seek compensation from the pharmacy or pharmacist who is responsible.

Pharmaceutical Negligence Attorneys

If you or a loved one have become sick due to the negligence of a pharmacy or pharmacist, contacting a pharmaceutical negligence attorney is of utmost importance. You and your family shouldn’t have to go through this situation alone, and should have an experienced attorney by your side.

Maginnis Howard’s lead pharmaceutical negligence attorney, T. Shawn Howard, is prepared to represent the interest of those injured due to negligence. You can contact our attorneys by phone (919) 526-0405 or by email through our contact page.