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Fractures from Automobile Collisions


Fractures are common injuries in an automobile collision. Even when a broken bone doesn’t require extensive surgical intervention to heal properly, it can still limit the person’s ability to work.

How Fractures Occur During Car Accident

Speed is a major factor in automobile collisions and can contribute to the severity of injuries that people suffer. The sudden deceleration or jarring impact of a collision is capable of causing extensive harm even at lower speeds. Some of the ways that a person can suffer a fracture include the following.

  • Being thrown out of a vehicle during collision (for example, if an occupant is not wearing a seat belt)
  • Striking an object during an auto accident. It is a common defense mechanism for passengers to throw their hands on front of their faces during an accident, which can result in broken fingers, hands and wrists.
  • A crushing impact involving a commercial vehicle.

Fractures Frequently Associated With Auto Accidents

There are many different forms of fractures, and each injury requires specific treatment. All fractures are classified as either simple or compound before a more specific classification can be provided.

A simple fracture occurs beneath the skin and does not result in any lacerations or protrusion of the bone from the flesh. A compound fractures occur when the bone exits the body at some point during the injury.

Here’s a quick look at the bones you’re most likely to break in a car crash:

  • Tibia/Fibula Fracture – Broken legs can occur if the leg area in the car crumples during the accident.
  • Femur Fracture – Despite being one of the strongest bones in the body, the femur can fracture during a high-impact collision.
  • Rib Fractures – Rib fractures are fairly common, and can be caused by the airbag or seatbelt.
  • Hip Fracture – Hip fractures can be very common in automobile collisions.
  • Pelvis Fracture – generally occur in bad motorcycle accidents, but they also occur in car crashes.
  • Facial/Skull Fracture – These scary injuries can occur if a person strikes the windshield because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt.
  • Wrist Fractures – Your wrist is full of small, easily-broken bones
  • Back Fracture –Fractured disks are another common fracture in head-on and rear-impact collisions.
  • Clavicle Fractures – The clavicle is very fragile, so it can be fractures easily in an automobile collision.
  • Arm Fractures – can occur as a person tries to brace themselves for a collision.

We can help.

If you’ve suffered a broken bone or fracture in a North Carolina automobile collision caused by another driver’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for the damages you’ve incurred.

Maginnis Howard’s lead personal injury attorney, T. Shawn Howard has vast experience in handling complex cases including those involving victims who have suffered broken bones.

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