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$425,000 Settlement For Tenants of NRP Management Group

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Maginnis Law attorney’s, Ed Maginnis and Karl Gwaltney, with co-counsel from Whitfield Bryson & Mason, were able to recover $425,000 in the class-action settlement on behalf of the tenants of the apartment complex. The tenants were unlawfully charged eviction related fees by their property management company. This was first final settlement in a series of apartment eviction fee class actions that Maginnis Law has filed.

The Plaintiffs alleged that Defendants unlawfully charged eviction-related fees and unlawfully threatened to charge eviction-related fees. The Plaintiffs sought monetary and declaratory relief for violation of the North Carolina Residential Rental Agreements Act, North Carolina Debt Collection Act, and North Carolina Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The North Carolina NRP Group class action lawsuit contended that the management company engaged in unfair debt collection practices. According to the complaint, NRP Management Group slammed tenants who didn’t pay their rent by the 10th of the month with filing fees, service fees, and attorneys’ fees. Together, said the plaintiff, the fees constituted eviction fees. NRP Group would threaten tenants with eviction fees as early as the 5th of the month, if they had not paid their rent, alleged the complaint.

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