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Post-Bankruptcy Collection Efforts by Banks and Mortgage Companies


Maginnis Howard continues its investigation into mortgage companies threatening foreclosure proceedings on debtors who have successfully filed for bankruptcy, and whose fresh starts are willfully disregarded by the creditor. Banks or mortgage companies may continue to send statements demanding payment with inaccurate information, report inaccurate information on credit, refuse to file papers with registers of deeds indicating that mortgage notes have been satisfied. Our firm has recently resolved multiple cases in which a bank or mortgage company refuses to abide by court orders deeming loans current or paid off in full. Our firm also has resolved a class action for more than 10,000 people who dealt with post-bankruptcy collection efforts for discharged medical debt.

Sadly, cases like this are not at all uncommon. Debt collectors refusing to acknowledge bankruptcy payment plans, restructuring periods, and in general any bankruptcy court decisions made regarding restructured or paid-off debt is a regular occurrence, and one which brings about great distress, both psychological and even physical, to people who already find themselves at their most vulnerable moments and working hard to get their finances and their lives back on track.

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to any abusive collections practices by a mortgage company (or other creditor) following a bankruptcy discharge or completed plan, especially in cases where the creditor’s actions have directly contravened rulings made by the bankruptcy judge in charge of your case or the indications of a trustee, you have a case to sue for damages.

Speak to an attorney at Maginnis Howard today. Our attorneys have vast experience in protecting the rights of our clients against abusive and unlawful collection practices, and will perform a case review free of any charge or obligation for you, in order to determine the best way to assist you in rebuilding your finances and getting back on your feet.

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