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Child Personal Injury Claims Against A Child Care Facility


Recently, a family in Wyoming filed a lawsuit against a school district after their child sustained a traumatic brain injury from a fall of a piece of playground equipment at their local school. Whether it is a school, a day care center, or some other organization responsible for maintaining the safety of your child, the law requires that a certain level of reasonable care be followed by the organization who you’ve entrusted with your child’s care. Now this does not mean that any injury on school property allows for a recovery from the district; unavoidable accidents do in fact happen. But often times a child personal injury is preventable, and if the school, day care center, camp, athletic facility etc failed to take steps to stop a preventable harm, the law sets forth that they should take responsibility for their actions. We recently resolved a case involving a burn of a child at a day care center. The school simply could not explain how a one year old had sustained burn injuries. While the child recovered quickly, he still dealt with significant pain and suffering that no one year old should ever deal with.

Our firm also recently resolved a case involving a child who was struck attempting to cross the street to catch the bus to school in the early morning. We resolved that matter for $105,000.00 with the school system contributing $75,000.00 of that settlement.

Maginnis Law, PLLC has handled significant cases involving traumatic brain injuries as well as cases involving injuries to minors from all types of hazards, whether it’s an injury on a bicycle, injury at a school or day care, a pitbull dog bite, or any other type of hazards where the community fails to protect minors who are not yet ready to protect themselves.

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