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Collection Calls, Identity Theft Case Settled for $39,500


Recently, our firm recovered $39,500 for a North Carolina woman receiving collection calls about an account taken out in her name. Despite providing some evidence of identity theft, the creditor sent her file to a collection agency. After our client told the collection agency about the identity theft, the collection agency returned the file to the creditor. What did the creditor do? They just sent the identity theft file to a different collection agency.

Shockingly, the creditor would automatically send files to a new collection agency, without investigation. Regardless if the customer had explained that they didn’t owe a dime.

Our client was inundated with calls from collection agencies, all of whom recorded the debt on her credit report.  Therefore, our firm filed a lawsuit alleging violations of the North Carolina Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the North Carolina Collection Agency Act. After months of discovery, we obtained a settlement for the months of aggravation and stress resulting from these collection efforts.

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