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Are You Having Issues with Bank of America? Raleigh Consumer Protection Lawyers


Is Bank of America failing to accurately update your payments and amounts owed? Are they charging you for items on your mortgage that they should not be charging? Are they reporting inaccurate information, such as bankruptcy discharge information, on your credit report? If you are having problems with your Bank of America account and not getting results, we may be able to help you fight back. Contact us to discuss a free case evaluation with our lawyers.

Many customers are complaining to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about Bank of America’s issues with their customers. For example, in just the past few years, almost TWO THOUSAND complaints have been filed against Bank of America just in North Carolina where the customer complains about continued attempts to collect debt that is not owed. Over one hundred of those complaints have complained about Bank of America failing to update their customer’s credit report to show that the debt is no longer owed because of a discharge in bankruptcy.

Our consumer protection lawyers handle cases where creditors overcharge you and try to collect funds that you’ve already paid.  We recently settled a case for $70,000.00 where a creditor had misplaced a payment from their customer. Even after we proved to them that the payment had been made, they made harassing phone calls to her and put incorrect information on her credit report. We helped our client fight back after she had tried to fix it on her own.

We also handle cases that ensure that your credit report is accurate. Inaccurate information on your credit can cause you to be denied for home loans, car loans, or other financing that could help you or your family. While Bank of America has now shuttered pieces of its mortgage servicing division, even if they have sold off your loan, they still have an obligation to report your account accurately to the credit bureaus if they choose to report it at all.

If you’ve read this far, these sorts of things might be happening to you or your family. If any of this sounds familiar, and you are having issues with Bank of America or some other creditor, contact us to see if we can help you. We handle all consumer protection cases on a contingency basis, meaning no fees are owed unless we recover compensation for you. Contact the firm at (919) 526-0450 or visit our contact page to discuss how we can help turn the tables on these large corporations.