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How to Get the Calls to Stop When Debt Collectors Are Calling The Wrong Person


Are you getting calls on your cell phone demanding payment from someone who used to have your phone number? Or are you getting calls on your cell phone demanding payment from someone with the same name but who isn’t you? There are actually strong consequences under federal law for debt collectors calling the wrong person. These debt collectors invade your privacy by trying to collect debt that isn’t yours and federal law gives you significant rights to get them to stop calling and to receive some reasonable compensation for the harassment. Our firm has recently obtained confidential six-figure settlements for people who are being harassed about debt that isn’t theirs. It is unlawful for debt collectors calling the wrong person.

Debt Collectors Calling The Wrong Person

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, any party using an automatic telephone dialing system (as most debt collectors do) to call a cell phone must have prior express consent to do so. While most creditors obtain consent from customers to call them to collect bills, they don’t have your consent if you are not their customer! They have no right to call you in this fashion. For debt collectors calling the wrong person without consent, they are subject to damages of $500 per call under the TCPA and additional amounts if they do it knowingly. If you have informed them that they are calling the wrong person, there could be additional damages beyond $500 per call.

Maginnis Law has significant experience in handling TCPA claims regarding debt collectors calling the wrong person. You can trust our firm to look out for your best interests in resolving the claim. Some firms will guarantee you $1000 and then pocket the remainder of the settlement for themselves. That is not how we handle consumer protection claims. We take these cases on a contingency basis, meaning no fees are owed to us and we simply take a percentage of the overall recovery. We have found that the result for the client is generally far better, plus it gives us some skin in the game so that you can rely on to have your best interests in mind.

If you are getting inappropriate calls on your cell phone, whether it is for someone else or for some other reason, contact our firm at (919) 526-0450 to schedule a free case evaluation. You can also fill out our contact form to have us reach out to you. We can make the calls stop and allow you to recover something fair for the invasion of your privacy.