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NC Postconcussive Syndrome Lawyers


A concussion can cause a constellation of impairing and disabling symptoms. Treatment of those symptoms can cost thousands of dollars. Many folks are also unable to work through their symptoms, resulting in thousands of dollars of lost wages and a significantly diminished earning capacity. More important than the lost money, however, is the tremendous impact that a postconcussive syndrome can have on a person’s ability to lead a happy, healthy life. The Raleigh brain injury attorneys of Maginnis Law are experienced in assisting North Carolinians who have suffered a concussion or other traumatic brain injury.

The Mayo Clinic defines a concussion as “a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions.” Some concussions involve a loss of consciousness but sometimes there is just a brief alteration in mental functioning. An example would be a state of confusion or “fogginess.” The patient may also get dizzy or nauseated. There also patients who have a period of amnesia, where they simply cannot remember events for a set period time.

Concussions can cause a host of physical symptoms, including headache, nausea, balance and coordination problems, and sensitivity to light and sound. The most frightening symptoms are often times cognitive in nature. For example, some people who experience a concussion end up with a slowed mental processing speed or an inability or decreased ability to learn new information.  They may also struggle with speech. Treatment for these patients typically includes neuropsychological evaluation and care from a speech pathologist.

If you, a child, or another loved one have suffered a concussion because of someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing, and are experiencing postconcussive syndrome or even more long-lasting persistent postconcussive syndrome, the Raleigh concussion lawyers of Maginnis Law may be able to assist. Our Raleigh attorneys have represented numerous clients with mild dramatic brain injuries such as a concussion. We will work with you to attempt to resolve your claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, but, if that is not successful, we have an active litigation practice.

To submit a new case inquiry, please visit our contact page. Our Raleigh brain injury lawyers represent clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not owe any attorneys’ fees unless and until we recover money damages on your behalf. Maginnis Law also offers free consultations and will travel throughout North Carolina to meet to discuss your case.