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Workers Compensation for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)


Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAS) working in nursing homes are at significant risk for work-related injuries.  Each year more than 100,000 CNAs are hurt on the job.  If you are a certified nursing assistant who has been injured as the result of a work related accident the workers’ compensation attorneys at Maginnis Law can help you get the medical treatment and compensation you deserve.  Contact the firm at (919) 526-0450 or submit a confidential new client inquiry here.

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently found in favor of a CNA who sustained an accidental injury arising out of and in the course of her employment.  As the CNA was attempting to change the clothing of a partially-paralyzed resident at her employer’s facility, the resident suddenly moved back against her.  It should be noted that North Carolina has one of the most restrictive rules on “accidental” injuries (interpreting “accident” in such a way that injuries occurring while carrying on the employee’s usual tasks in the usual way do not constitute accidents). There must generally be some sort of unexpected event to make the injury accidental.  The appellate court held that the CNA’s injury was a compensable accident because the patient unexpectedly moved as the CNA was lifting her.

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