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Raleigh Injury Attorney for Pinched Nerve in Neck


Serious automobile accidents can cause a variety of personal injuries. A pinched nerve at C6-C7 is one of the more common. This type of injury can cause pain which radiates into your shoulder down through your arm and can be very painful. If you have sustained a pinched nerve in a North Carolina car accident, contact the Raleigh personal injury attorneys of Maginnis Howard at (919) 526-0450. We will aggressively pursue the personal injury compensation to which you are entitled from the at-fault driver’s automobile insurance company.

The more technical term for a pinched nerve at C6-C7 is cervical radiculopathy. The condition it generally involves the nerve being injured or damaged in some way. It can be the result of a spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, arthritis (degenerating disc), or bone growth, among other things. The primary symptom is pain that radiates from the neck down through the shoulder and arm. Other symptoms include numbness, weakness, and difficulty feeling sensation.

A pinched nerve is typically treated fairly conservatively, although, treatment does depend to a large extent on the cause of the pinched nerve. For example, if a herniated disc is involved, you may still need surgery. In most cases, though, your doctor will prescribe some combination of medications, rest, and maybe physical therapy. The costs of treatment and the pain associated with a pinched nerve can become significant, so if your pain was caused by the negligence of another party, it’s important you retain legal counsel.

Maginnis Howard regularly represents personal injury clients in and around the Wake County area, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, and Wake Forest. Our automobile accident attorneys provide free consultations to all new clients from our Raleigh office. We also handle personal injury matters on a contingency basis such that you pay no attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation for you.

If you are suffering through the pain and limitations associated with a pinched nerve, call Maginnis Howard at (919) 526-0450. You may also send a confidential email inquiry via our contact page. We are able to represent clients with cervical radiculopathy in Wake, Durham, Alamance, Chatham, Orange, Wilson, Johnston, Nash, Cumberland, and the surrounding counties.