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Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Dispute Attorney


When you purchase homeowner’s insurance, you expect to be protected from financially crippling property damage and third-party liability. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently put their interests before their insureds. They will look to stretch the meaning of exclusions or find other ways to avoid their duty to provide coverage. If your homeowner’s insurance provider has wrongfully denied coverage for your property damage claim or failed to provide a defense in a third-party liability situation, or you have questions about your rights, contact the civil litigation attorneys of Maginnis Howard at (919) 526-0450. You can also email our intake staff through our contact page.

Property Damage

Most homeowners’ insurance policies provide two primary coverages: property damage and third-party liability. Property damage coverage protects you against loss to your physical property, including your home. For example, if lightning strikes and destroys your electronics, your policy will likely provide coverage. Your policy will also probably insure you against loss caused by fire.  Several property losses are expressly excluded from most North Carolina homeowners’ insurance policies, including damage caused by earthquakes, floods, and landslides.

If you have sustained severe property damage and an insurance adjuster has told you that your homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover the loss, the insurance coverage attorneys of Maginnis Law can review your policy to determine whether you have a claim for coverage.  If the insurance company’s denial was particularly egregious, you may also have a right to treble or punitive damages under claims for unfair claims handling and bad faith.

Third Party Liability

When a third party is injured while on your property, and you have kept up with your obligations under a homeowners insurance policy, the insurance company must pay for your attorney and compensate the third party for their injuries up to the limits provided in the insurance policy.  If the insurance company claims you do not have coverage, contact the knowledgeable insurance coverage lawyers of Maginnis Law.  We will determine whether your policy provides coverage or if you were mistakenly not issued liability coverage. We can help you consider a claim under your insurance agent’s Errors and Omission policy.  These types of coverage disputes are typically far less costly to our clients than paying for an attorney to defend a personal injury lawsuit by a third party.

Contact a Homeowner’s Insurance Attorney

Maginnis Howard regularly assists clients in homeowners’ insurance coverage disputes across the state. With three conveniently located offices in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Fayetteville, our dedicated legal staff have decades of experience representing North Carolinians. Our civil litigation insurance coverage attorneys can operate under several fee arrangements, including hourly, flat fee, contingency, or any mix.

To discuss your case your homeowner’s insurance coverage dispute, contact our firm. We may be able to help you.