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Compensation for a Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

photo of car keys in the foreground and a full shot glass in the background suggesting drunk driving

Car accident personal injuries caused by a drunk driver are both devastating and frustrating.  Devastating because drunk drivers are typically slow to react and apply their brakes, thus causing high speed, violent collisions. Frustrating, because drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable. If you or a family member is injured by a drunk driver, contact the personal injury attorneys at Maginnis Howard. Our attorneys can help you recover fair compensation for your personal injuries, including negotiating and, if necessary, litigating your claim.

Drunk driver accident compensation types

Following an automobile accident with a drunk driver, it is important that you contact a personal injury attorney.  Litigating automobile collisions caused by a drunk driver is often more complex than litigating a typical car accident case. This is because there are sometimes two or more sources that will have to contribute to your final settlement.  In an average car accident case, your attorney will primarily pursue compensation from the at-fault driver’s automobile insurance company. 

However, in a car accident case involving a drunk driver, you may also have valid claims under North Carolina’s “Dram Shop” laws or under a “Social Host Liability” theory.  These theories may allow recovery against a bar or party host that provided alcohol to a visibly intoxicated at-fault driver, while knowing that he or she intended to operate their vehicle.  Proving such theories requires particular evidence that is typically easiest to discover in the days and weeks following the collision. For that reason, it is important to immediately contact a lawyer.

We can help.

The lawyers of Maginnis Law, PLLC offer free consultations for personal injury cases across the Triangle.  It accepts such cases on a contingency basis.  You pay no attorneys’ fees unless you recover for your personal injuries. 

If you or a family member have been injured in car accident caused by a drunk driver in Alamance County, Durham County, Orange County, or Wake County, please contact the car accident attorneys of Maginnis Howard at (919) 526-0450. You may also submit a new case inquiry by going to our contact page.