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Essential Conversations with your Personal Injury Lawyer and Law Firm

The process of initiating the first conversation with a personal injury lawyer or law firm for injuries you or a loved one sustained can be intimidating and overwhelming, often surrounded by uncertainty. Most people and their families have never been in this position before and are often facing added debilitating issues related to the original cause of injury, such as catastrophic injuries or death, financial instability, and grief. With the potentially daunting nature of the situation, it is important to partner with a law firm and ultimately a personal injury lawyer that you can trust completely. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer and law firm to advocate for your justice and wellbeing.

Determine Their Experience Level

Personal injury cases have very specific circumstances, and it should be a priority that your lawyer has trial experience. Although it’s not uncommon for personal injury cases to settle outside of court, your representation should be fully willing and capable to advocate for you in a trial. When your lawyer is not only willing to go to court on your behalf but equipped with trial experience, like all of our attorneys at Charles G. Monnett III, you can ensure that they will defend your case to the fullest extent.

Discover Their Areas of Expertise

In addition to choosing a lawyer with personal injury trial experience, you should dive deeper into understanding their specific areas of expertise. The landscape of personal injury cases is varied and can encompass everything from catastrophic injuries, medical malpractice, sexual assaults to wrongful deaths. Below is a list of our covered practice areas.

Set Communication Expectations

A personal injury case can be all consuming to our clients, and it’s important that your lawyer understand and respects the value of that. Right off the bat, you should set clear expectations for how often you can anticipate your law firm contacting you about your case. The ability to regularly communicate directly with your law firm is key in feeling confident about your case.

Define Their Needs

Your personal injury lawyer and law firm will likely need assistance from you to succeed with your case. This could include any variety of documented materials like medical records, death certificates, police reports, documentation of medical visits, and expense or financial loss information. Be prepared to provide personal information for the sake of your case, and keep in mind that oftentimes your lawyer and law firm can be a valuable asset in helping obtain necessary documents.

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