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FMCSA Examining Ways to Police Fatigued Truck Drivers

There is no sure way to prevent an accident from happening. Most motorists have had, at some point in their time behind the wheel, a close call where they narrowly avoided being involved in a crash. This can encourage motorists to take additional steps to potentially improve their safety, but even that does not mean that they will be able to be completely prepared for some of the unexpected things that other drivers may do.

Drivers of large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, have a host of regulations that they must comply with in order to help improve safety for all motorists. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) continuously reviews the rules for these drivers and their employers and makes changes when necessary to help reduce the number of tractor-trailer accidents happening across the country.

Recently, the agency has announced plans to require truck drivers to use electronic logging devices to keep track of their driving time. The proposal, which is in the very early stages, may take some time before it becomes mandatory. The FMCSA believes the devices will save 20 lives each year and prevent over 400 injuries from occurring in tractor-trailer accidents.

The agency wants truck drivers to use these devices so that it will be much easier to spot individuals violating hours-of-service rules that went into effect last year. Those rules require drivers to rest for at least 34 consecutive hours, including two nights where drivers are sleeping from 1 A.M. to 5 A.M. before they will be allowed to reset their workweeks. The FMCSA does not have the resources to inspect each and every trucking company for violations, which may mean that some individuals may not be complying with the hours-of-service rules. This could be subjecting many other motorists to potential accidents due to fatigued drivers being on roadways.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident in North Carolina, you may have concerns about meeting your financial obligations while you are recovering. These injuries can be quite serious, and the bills from hospital stays and rehabilitation sessions can quickly begin to add up.

You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to pursue compensation from those individuals and companies responsible for causing your injuries. These cases can be very complicated, and it can take lengthy investigations to determine the parties at fault for the crash. You may even receive settlement offers from some of those involved in the tractor-trailer accident, and it is important that you are completely aware of all of your options before you make any decisions about your case.


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