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Shoulder Dystocia & Brachial Plexus Injury

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Avvo Rating | Top Attorney Personal InjuryIn the moments surrounding your child's birth, nothing is more important than hearing the first cries and the subsequent reassurance from doctors that your baby is healthy. When doctors suddenly interject that your child may have suffered damage, this blissful moment transforms into a moment of panic, fear, and anxiety. Unfortunately, when a child is diagnosed with a brachial plexus injury caused by shoulder dystocia, the initial moment of turmoil for the parents is followed by years of challenges for the entire family.

We understand the impact a birth injury has on you and your family. Our team of professionals sincerely care about helping you through this difficult time and getting the compensation needed for your child's care, now and in the future.

Shoulder dystocia is frequently caused by delivery room error. The doctor may fail to recognize that a baby is breech or too large to be delivered naturally. Rather than performing a Cesarean section, the baby is forced through childbirth, often with the use of forceps or vacuum. When the shoulder becomes stuck behind the mother's pubic bone, the brachial plexus nerves can stretch, causing a brachial plexus injury (also known as Erb's palsy).

The brachial plexus nerves are the nerves that run from the spinal cord behind the head and neck to the arms. The arm that became stuck during delivery and sustained nerve and muscle damage may be rotated and paralyzed. As a result, the child may be incapable of controlling the shoulder, arm, elbow, or hand. However, physical therapy or surgery may be recommended by your doctor.

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Our attorneys at Charles G. Monnett III & Associates have extensive knowledge and understanding of shoulder dystocia and the obstetric medical malpractice which often leads to brachial plexus injury. We use our experience and skills as well as a team of professionals to determine the extent of the injury, how the injury occurred, and how we can help you recover the financial resources you need.

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